Kung Fu Pastor

July 2nd, 2008

Focus Text: Psalm 91: 1 (NLT)

1 Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
      will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead

You wouldn’t know it by my sheer appearance, but I have been know to have superhuman powers!  As a boy, my brother and I along with our friends would engage in elaborate matches of a game that has captivated the interest of children for centuries.  It’s a dangerous game . . . a game of wits . . . a game of cloak and dagger.  The game . . . Hide and Go Seek!  (cue dark, minor key orchestra hit)

The setting was my house . . . well, technically the yard.  Our few acres made quite the backdrop for some exhilarating hiding and subsequent seeking.  And that’s where my secret abilities would come into play.  For you see, I was more than just an average boy– I was a ninja!  I had the black pants, the black karate-coat-thingy (marvel at my extensive martial arts vocabulary), and I had mastered the ancient art of wrapping a black t-shirt around my head in a manner that looked exactly like the ninja masks on television.  My uniform was flawless!

Now, sure I knew nothing about actual martial arts, fighting, or even at times keeping my balance on level ground, but I sure looked the part and for the game we were playing, looking the part was the key to victory.  For when darkness would descend upon the yard and the game would be initiated into play, Ninja John (as the legends would later dub me) needed not to search for traditional hiding places like the other kids.  Trees, trash cans, or trampolines may have helped other less-talented players to find locations for hiding, but all I needed was a good shadow.  Cloaked by nothing but the immense blackness of the nighttime shadows, my unassuming opponents would walk right past me completely oblivious to the danger that lurked just inches away from them ready to strike at a moment’s notice.  At the end of the game, I lay hidden in plain sight– brilliant!

Psalm 91 speaks of similar situations (believe it or not.)  Like the Psalmist, I lived in the shelter of my father– literally, his house.  The yard I was hiding in may have been foreign to the other kids who came over to play, but I knew every square inch of it like the back of my hand (an expression I really don’t understand.)  The game was tilted in my favor because I lived on the playing field.

Security in your walk with Jesus begins by moving into His house– literally living in His shelter.  Being God’s guest is one thing, but being God’s child is another.  I can remember as a boy that as long as Dad was home, I felt secure no matter what scary movie I had watched, what sound the wind made outside, or what terrifying midnight tale my brother might have told me.  The key to security was Dad– nothing more and nothing less. 

The same rings true with God.  When we move our lives into a place of permanence with Jesus,  we will discover the overwhelming safety we feel because we dwell where He lives.  The key to spiritual security is Jesus– nothing more and nothing less.  What areas of your life have you yet to move into God’s house?

The next part of this passage speaks of resting in His shadow.  Like that talented young ninja I once knew so many years ago, living with God produces many undetectable hiding places for His children.  The New King James Version literally uses the term “secret place” in this verse.  Wow!  Imagine that God has prepared a secret place for you to hide right out in the open.  Your opponent may be inches away from you, but when you’re hidden in God’s shadow, you’re completely safe.  Now that’s a game you can win!

So I encourage you today, young ninjas, find your secret place in your Father’s back yard and lay down to rest in His shadow.  Trust me, God is big enough to eclipse every scheme the enemy may have.  

Shelters . . . shadows . . . safety.  Sweet!



~ by johndriver on July 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Kung Fu Pastor”

  1. I love this one especially now that I take karate! The coat is called a gee. Anyways, the scripture verse that says God will provide a way out is what came to my mind. He keeps us safe as long as we are near him. He is our protector which I overlook a lot. He is aware of everything and where the devil will try to attack me. He will not let me go through anything that I cannot handle. That is so cool to know that no matter what when I’m in his will, he will protect me. That’s cool!

  2. wow i love this verse! i don’t know the exact reason but it really stands out. moving into God’s house? wow that’s pretty sweet!!!!

  3. wow. i would have never looked at it that way, but its so true. its comforting to know that when we “move in with God” he will keep us safe no matter what. you are exactly right about the dad part. whenever my dad is home i always feel more safe. i should realize that God is ALWAYS home. he is just waiting for me to join Him because He is ready. now its time for me to do my part and trust in HIm.

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