Barns, Bunnies, Birds, and Blitzkrieg

July 8th, 2008

Focus Text: Psalm 91: 4 (NLT)

4 He will cover you with his feathers.
      He will shelter you with his wings.
      His faithful promises are your armor and protection.


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead

When I was a kid, we lived pretty far out in the country.  We even had a chicken coup and a barn behind our house- a red barn, at that.  For a kid, these areas provided infinite arenas for the imagination to run wild.  Mud pies, treetop fortresses, superhuman powers, and a multiplicity of various villains filled my yard with the endless possibilities of perpetual playtime bliss.

The red barn became my domain- my fortress of solitude.  However, it became an even greater playground when my dad purchased some rabbits and caged them in the barn.  These rabbits were our cute, cuddly pets (or vicious bloodthirsty beasts, depending on which moment my imagination was engaged in.)  However, I quickly learned that owning pets in theory is something totally different than owning pets in practice.  Responsibility comes into the picture, and no kid wants that.

The rabbits invaded my barn and turned playtime into worktime.  They ate. They drank.  They pooped.  Pretty much, that was all they did and in this sequence.  Add a very good set of parents whose goal was to teach young children how to be responsible and you’ve got the recipe for . . . gulp . . . chores.

The new chore of feeding and watering the rabbits every morning began. The three children each had their mornings to take care of our little floppy-eared buddies.  Quickly, the mysterious lure of pet-ownership began to fade as responsibility encroached upon my personal playground.  All in all, the bunnies weren’t all fun and games.

This story, however, has two sets of great parents.  The first set was mine. I, being the youngest child, awoke on my first morning to trek to the barn to care for the rabbits.  My older sister and brother had already done the task on their mornings with no problems.  Enter the second set of great parents.

Apparently, there was a bird nest somewhere in the barn and apparently, the parents of the new hatchlings considered my journey up the hill to feed the rabbits as a direct attack on their feathered family.  They hadn’t messed with my brother and sister, but I suppose that my “smallness of stature” made me an easier target.

Trust me when I say that there is no exaggeration in this part of the narrative.  When I had walked about halfway up the hill, the mommy and daddy birds literally began dive-bombing towards my head.  I dove and darted about trying to preserve the status of my frontal lobe, but the birds just kept coming and coming!  My backyard became a battlefield of epic proportions as the little winged kamikazes continued their aerial assault. Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t have written it any more diabolically!

My parents witnessed the blitzkrieg from inside the door, but they didn’t intervene- for I was a resourceful young lad!  Hence, I grabbed an umbrella from the garage and opened it to shield my cranium from the beaked battering.  My family huddled in safety and cowardice inside the house as I bravely faced the starkest of enemies on the field of battle! Somehow, though, they thought it appropriate to laugh heartily at the little boy zig-zagging recklessly through the yard with an open umbrella. Doesn’t sound very amusing to me, but oh well.

Psalm 91: 4 uses the terms “feathers” and “wings” to describe God’s protection for His children.  Now, that might not mean much to you, but I know how protective birds can be!  I still have the mental scars to prove it.

I think that we often don’t realize just how defensive God is when it concerns us.  We think that He must be constantly disappointed in us because are constantly disappointed in ourselves.  However, the truth of our imperfection doesn’t change the love of our Father.  What Jesus has done to bring us into God’s family has covered us with God’s love.  He’s not looking at your imperfection; He’s looking at Jesus’ perfection that covers you.  Now those are some pretty big wings!

I was not actually a threat to the baby birds in the barn, but there is an enemy who is a legitimate threat to us.  He longs to pull down and destroy those little birds who rest in the nest of the Father.  But, like that brave little boy with that umbrella, the enemy is no match for God’s protective parenting.  He literally is our “armor and protection” from the attack of the enemy.

The key for us?  Stay in the barn at all costs!  This whole Psalm is about living in God’s secret place- staying there.  But if we venture outside of the barn, we open ourselves up to the schemes of the enemy.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather stay under the strong wings of a relationship with Him-this is the place where I’m safe and sound.



~ by johndriver on July 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Barns, Bunnies, Birds, and Blitzkrieg”

  1. i really like this blog. i have heard that God is our shelter and our protection. i like how you said that with Him is where we need to stay. if we stay under his protection, we can stay safe. that is very comforting!

  2. This is a very comforting verse to know that God is our shelter. I liked the part that said even though we find all the imperfections about ourselves, the love of God never changes. That is something I struggle with a lot. I’m very hard on myself and I never stopped to think that God doesn’t care so much at the things that I think I totally fail at. As long as I stay under God’s care, he will be as defensive as he needs to, to keep me safe! Parents love us through the good and bad. It is cool to think of God as a “parent.” God knows best, so just stay with him and we will make it!

  3. Before Reading Your Reflection:
    When i first read this i thought of gentleness, how it talks about his feathers & wings covering us and protecting us. Its funny how i think of gentleness when yet God is so strong, my favorite part is the last line about his promises, it is so comforting to know that no metter how much we mess up he is always there waiting to hold us and tell us everything is alright again, everyone had failed God more times than anyone would care to admit but it is so great that we can come back and fall in his promise that he will never leave us in our time of need, he will protect us through anything if we just call on him!!

    After Reading Your Reflection:
    I just gotta say you are one FUNNY man!! Hahah i love you bunny story!! Anyways, i like the barn safe house thing, i know i wanna stay inside the barn so i know im safe. When people do leave God and stray away from him they wonder why and wonder what happened, everything used to be easier…..cause back then you were in the “safe zone” but now your not ((that really doesnt make much sense lol)) All i know is the this verse is really comforting and it lets you know that he will always be there when we need him and he will NEVER leave our side! We are his children, of course he will be protective of us when we are being attacked its his job and he loves us more then we can ever dream!!!

    I dont know what more to say really..i hope i said the right stuff!!
    love ya PJ this great!
    bye bye now =]]

  4. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into studying communication – both verbal and nonverbal – which includes the choices of words people use when saying/writing something. Studying this verse, I take great comfort that the Lord said that He “will” cover us and shelter us. He didn’t say that He “might” or that He “could” – He said He WILL!!! Following closely with that thought is that He also speaks of His “promises.” We have abused the word promise almost to the extent that it means nothing, but when God promises something, there is no doubt that He means what He says – just look at a rainbow for a visual example!

  5. I am more proud of you everyday. I appreciate God blessing you with greater and greater talents to bless those in and out of the Kingdom of God.

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