“I Am” Legend

July 11th, 2008

Focus Text: Psalm 91: 9-10 (NLT)

9 If you make the Lord your refuge,
      if you make the Most High your shelter,
 10 no evil will conquer you;
      no plague will come near your home.


Stop Here and Reflect Here Before Reading Ahead

In the movie I Am Legend, Will Smith portrays a military scientist who is the lone survivor in New York City of a devastating airborne epidemic.  This disease has killed millions of people worldwide and those who have survived have been turned into rabid, violent zombies who can’t live in the sunlight.  Their plague spreads throughout the population either killing people or turning them into zombies as well.  All in all, it’s a very uplifting concept.  

Consequently, I’m not endorsing this movie or telling you to go see it; this is simply an illustration.

Will Smith’s character stands alone in the fight because he refuses to leave the city.  Consequently, he is also one a very small percentage of the world’s remaining population that is immune to the effects of the disease. Therefore, he finds himself living in a frightening environment that requires him to lock himself in his barricaded house every night while the streets are overrun with bloodthirsty subhumans infected by the disease– and he does it on purpose in search of a cure.

Psalm 91: 9-10 speaks of “plagues” and “evil” that want to conquer us.  Much like the premise of I Am Legend, these aren’t fun topics to discuss, but they are essential to understanding what Christ has done for each of us.  

First of all, there is an pandemic that threatens to destroy all humanity– it’s called the fall of man.  Each of us must fight the infection within us and around us that seeks to devour our very existence.  God’s Word is very clear that there’s a war going on within us between our old nature and our new nature and that both are battling for the supremacy of our souls.  That’s why, the Bible says, we aren’t free to do all the good things we want– there’s always a perpetual internal struggle going on within us (Galatians 5: 16-17).  Sure, this sounds horrible; but wouldn’t you rather know you were in danger than to live oblivious and open to blindsided attack?  

Secondly, just like the movie, there is a lone Survivor who deliberately chose to live in the midst of our horrifying situation.  Jesus is this person.  I say person because He really lived as a human where we live and He really experienced our pain.  Like Will Smith’s character, He “dwelt among us,” yet He alone was immune to the sin that had infected the human race.  Also like Will Smith’s character, His mission was to save a depraved world that rejected Him and constantly tried to kill Him.

Thirdly (and this is where it gets exciting,) just like the movie, the cure for the worldwide pandemic is found in the blood of the only Survivor.  Not to ruin the ending for you, but Will Smith’s character deliberately lays down his life to make sure that the cure makes it to the world’s population.  In much the same way, Jesus laid down His life so that His blood could cure the epidemic of humanity, even though humanity was to blame for His death– that is real love, selfless and pure.

In the Bible, Jesus calls Himself, “I Am.”  This literally means that His existence isn’t contingent upon anything else– He just is.  As Psalm 91 says, if you make God, or the “I Am”, your refuge and your place of safety, evil will not conquer you and the plague of sin will not overtake your life.  The “I Am” lived where we live and died the death that we deserved to die so that now we don’t have to.

Oh, but there’s one major difference between the movie and what Jesus did for us: when it was all said and done, Jesus came back to life in three days!  The “I Am” didn’t just die for you; He still lives for you as well!  Now that’s what I call the stuff of “legends.”



~ by johndriver on July 11, 2008.

8 Responses to ““I Am” Legend”

  1. I never thought of the movie with that perspective. BUT my favorite part is the alternate ending where will risks his life and still lives. He continues his journey with the lady and her son. To me thats kind of like Jesus coming back, but will doesnt die. I think the movie was a really good way to explain what Jesus’ life was like.

  2. WOW! I never thought of this movie that way. “I am Legend” is really similar to Jesus. That’s crazy. I did not see that coming when I first started reading this. I knew you were going to bring them together somehow but this fits together perfectly.

    Because Jesus has the cure, we can have the freedom and the confidence in him to come to him. Those people in the story are a lot like most human beings today. They refuse to come to the saviour because they’re scared or they’re so wrapped up in the world’s disease that they don’t see that the saviour can help them get better. Or maybe they like the fact that their only weekness is “light” (which could have some significance also). But if they were to give up their struggle and come to the saviour, they wouldn’t have any weeknesses and they can stand in the light (and see better) rather than stand in the dark (and push to find the smallest amount of moonlight as possible to find their way around).

    There are so many similarities, it’s unbelievable. Where do you get this stuff?!?

  3. nice! i would have never thought of this movie like this, even if you gave me a list of movies to choose from.
    but going along with this, it’s also like if the Lord is your refuge then you will come to him when you’re struggling instead of finding other ways to deal with things and falling away from him.

  4. Wow….totally never thought about the movie in that way when I saw it. Like everything in that movie relates to Bible lol. Especially the ending when he sacrificed himself.

  5. The comparison of Will Smith’s character and Jeus really made sense. I’m not sure if the director thought of it like this, but it just really made me stop and think. Jesus came and lived among us, and yes he loved us- the amazing thing is that He loved us so much that he died for us. He wanted us to be with him eternally, so laying down his life was what He did. The zombie’s in I am legend were afraid of the Light- but when you think about it, so are many of the people who live among us. They don’t want the light of Jesus to help them down this journey we call life. Without having someone who knows “the ropes” we can stumble and fall. Jesus lived here, on earth. He went through all of our temptations, so passing up the opportunity of having His guidance and love is, asking to stumble and fall. i know i’m starting to get a bit off topic: but i loved this one.


  6. I looked up some alternative definitions for the word “refuge.” There is an interesting definition I found. Refuge–anything to which one has recourse to aid, relief, or escape. Aid- God is our help. When we come to him ( which he wants us to do) he will not only protect you, but also help you find a new course. Relief- God gives us a peace when we are in the midst of a crisis (the enemy trying to attack us – the epidemic). Escape- He is the only way out. When we need to find protection, our guidance is God. He is our light and will not allow us to stumble. He shows us where to go, and what we need to accomplish. It is good to know that there is one way to feel aid, relief, and a way out in our Lord. Just take his hand and he will protect you with your certain needs.

  7. Hey first of all I have not seen the movie yet so thanks for ruining the ending for me. LOL. These devotions are great and I really enjoy reading these. I really liked the comparison of will smith’s character to christ. Just so you know I am writing this from a hotel room in chattanooga between my softball games. It is great to be able to read these devotions while I am traveling.

  8. dude…Let me start off by saying, that when i saw that movie in theatres, and the last line from that woman character was “Light up the darkness”, it hit my heart. I was like..”wow…hidden message much?” i never thought more into it, but the whole blood concept really makes me think that the director/writer made those connections on purpose. The connection between God and the movie just wasn’t as obvious, like Narnia or something.

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