The Daily Thread Turns One-Hundred

November 3rd, 2008

Today I detour from our focus in Proverbs for a moment to celebrate a milestone with all of you. Today marks the one-hundredth posting of The Daily Thread.  Over one-hundred thousand words . . . some real and some fabricated.  Over four-hundred mind-boggling comments.  Over ten-thousand hits to the site (the site counter doesn’t accurately reflect this because daily email subscribers are not counted.)  It’s been a fun ride so far and I just want to take a few moments to reflect upon all the places we’ve been together over the past several months.  Buckle up, baby!

Let me begin by explaining to you the premise of The Daily Thread.  People who subscribe or log on weekly to read this blog often ask me, “Where do you find the time to write these long . . . long . . . long reflections?”  In fact, one of my beloved students in their first comment ever on The Daily Thread stated, “This was the longest thing I’ve ever read.”  I chuckled away the tears.  Structurally, The Daily Thread is always around one-thousand words.  Go ahead, count ’em.

In all seriousness, writing these blogs does take a significant portion of my time each day.  I don’t do it for influence.  I don’t do it for recognizability.  I don’t do it to hear myself talk (hey, I could just listen to my own weekly podcast for that.)  No, I write each day because I truthfully feel that it is what I’m supposed to do.  I’m called to write.  Now, mind you, I’m completely unsuccessful at this craft by worldly standards. Though I’ve written a few books (very much unpublished), the stacks of rejection letters from publishers in my office is the only thing that’s impressive about my literary accomplishments.  But like it or not, I know I’m supposed to write.  So after some wise prodding from a few friends and the inward prodding of my Greatest Friend, I decided that I was going to write everyday.  

The other chief ingredient in this verbal stew is the generation that I serve.  As a pastor who predominently serves youth, college-aged students, and young adults, much of my emphasis in ministry is on consistency. Hey, I’m going to turn thirty in about a month and I’m still struggling to find consistency in my walk with God. I flail.  I fall.  I fail.  I filafal.  I use alliteration.  However you slice it, finding solidarity in our spiritual lives is the perpetual challenge of humanity.  The blitzkrieg of distractions and worries that attacks us daily makes this the most intimidating of battlefields.  

But I live according to a theory.  It’s something that I’ve ascribed to for quite a few years now and in it lies the purpose of The Daily Thread.  Brace yourself for profundity.  Drum roll, please!  I believe that if I will absorb the truths of God Word into my life on a daily basis, I’ll be changed.  (crickets chirping)  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Again I state a crucial truth: just because things are simple doesn’t mean that they are easy.

I cannot count the number of conversations over the years with students and adults alike over the issue of consistency in our daily time in God’s Word.  Many times, the one distraught over his weakness has been none other than me.  My time with God is the strength and the struggle of my life.  Hence The “Daily” Thread was born as tool to maybe . . . just maybe . . . help someone out there develop some level of daily stability in God’s Word.  The first person who needs that help is yours truly.

Thus, most of the “threads” you read are expository in nature.  Expository simply means that one goes verse by verse through the Bible expounding upon the truths there within in context.  The principle is that the Bible speaks for itself and that its greatest illustrations are taught by God’s Spirit through an interaction between humanity and divinity on the thin pages of our Bibles.  His Word is the landscape for this process to occur.  So, that’s why the first thing you usually read in The Daily Thread are the words “Focus Text”.  My purpose is not to just tell funny stories or to try to stump my students with four-syllable words.  My hope is that the text will be the focus.

So today I celebrate with you and I offer my wholehearted gratitude for all of you out there who log on each day and read The Daily Thread.  Your willingness to join me in this journey makes the magnitude of God’s grace and the humbling energy of His call that much more real and invigorating.  

As I close this particular thread, feel free to peruse the archives of The Daily Thread and check out some blogs that you might have never read before.  A few of my favorites are “All Quiet on the Fear Front”, “Musings of an iPhone Fanatic”,“My Sadie Burrito”, “Barns, Bunnies, Birds, & Blitzkrieg”, and “Bam!  Here’s a Baby”.  Laugh and cry with me as you read the comments of students and adults alike who are experiencing truths much deeper than this feeble little writer can compose.  The truth is not mine; it’s His.  If God has spoken something into your heart over these past one-hundred blogs, drop a comment on this one and let us all know your story.

So that’s the lowdown on The Daily Thread.  I’m not a very good salesman; it just doesn’t fit me.  So, if you think that someone out there might benefit from The Daily Thread, feel free to shoot them a link and have them either subscribe by email or visit the site daily.  Tell you what, send a link to five people you know . . . unless that makes me sound too much like a cheesy salesman . . . never mind . . . just do what ever you like.  Paranoia intact.

See you in another hundred-thousand words!



~ by johndriver on November 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Daily Thread Turns One-Hundred”

  1. John,
    Congrats on 100 days! I want to let you know how much I look forward to these daily blogs. So many days I have struggled in areas and it’s amazing how the “focus text” was right where my struggle lies. Somedays the TRUTH hurts! I certainly cant wait for the other 100!

  2. The Daily Thread has impacted me so much! Whenever I read one, my day seems to be a little brighter and I feel like I can take on school and the struggles of life. Thank you so much for spending your time writing these blogs for everyone!

  3. Wow, you have covered a lot. I learned so much just so far. I really enjoy reading the thread, even if sometimes I don’t read it everyday…I still love the ones I do read. Thank you for taking the time to teach what God wants in my life. It has impacted me :]



  4. well i must say that my goal has partially been achieved thanks to these daily threads. i wanted this year to be different than every other year, where school starts and God slips away. it has been! you have provided us with these very intelligent and well thought out threads. it has now been my job to get on here and read them daily. now i do fall short, but compared to every other year, im a lot closer to my Father. its a great feeling! God has done His part with providing you the talent and time to write these, now its my part and challenge to keep achieving my goal.

  5. 100!! yay! I would like to say that these daily threads have really made an impact on me. I’m much more consistent then i ever have been, for the longest time too. One of my favorite things about life, is when I find those little life lessons around every corner. It is crazy sometimes because I’ll be doing something and a note will pop in my head like, ” hey that was in the daily thread!” One thing I’ve learned that could be helpful advice for someone who is reading this is: They daily thread should not be a “task” to be checked off. I have learned that the important thing is to save time for God and to not read to be productive, but to read and be enlightened. God has something to say to us always. These blogs that you write really do help!

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