The Truth About Election Day

November 4th, 2008

Focus Text: Proverbs 8: 5-8 (NLT)

 5 You simple people, use good judgment.
      You foolish people, show some understanding.
6 Listen to me! For I have important things to tell you.
      Everything I say is right,
7 for I speak the truth
      and detest every kind of deception.
8 My advice is wholesome.
      There is nothing devious or crooked in it.


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead

Well, today marks one of the most highly-anticipated Presidential elections in American history.  Voter turnout is expected to hit record highs and already, over forty percent of registered voters have voted early in many states.  We’ve all watched the debates, monitored the polls, and had our various discussions about the candidates and the issues.  Today, all the debating will end and the voting will do the rest of the talking . . . well, except for the months and months of political commentating on the news channels and the possible weeks of recounts, lawsuits, and national instability.  Oh man, I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

Whether you’re rooting for McCain, Obama, or perhaps another less-popular independent candidate, we’ve all been immersed in an election culture.  Obviously, you would expect this from newspapers, networks, and political radio shows, but this particular election has spread all the way to Saturday Night Live and a slew of other cultural arenas.  Even little children across the nation have their opinions about this race for the White House . . . even if they don’t know what the White House is.

As millions of Americans wait in long lines to vote, each will be convinced in his or her own mind about the choice they are going to make.  Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in the voting lines across the country tomorrow?  How many debates will occur between conservatives, liberals, and moderates?  How many people will argue for their candidate as if they are personal friends?  How many will spew venom about their political parties’ opponent as if they personally kicked their dog?  It’s the nature of elections and I’ll be right there arguing for my beliefs as strongly as anyone.

What is astounding and disturbing, though, is how many people will cast their vote based off of little-to-no factual information about the candidates.  They will vote because someone told them something at the office or because they always vote strictly down party lines.  Some will vote for much more shallow reasons. They might prefer the younger candidate because he’s young or the older candidate because he’s old. Some will vote for who they think is more attractive or a better speaker.  Hey, don’t laugh . . . Warren G. Harding was elected because his election was the first one in which women had the legal right to vote and they thought he was handsome.  Yeah, I would have definitely lost that election.

Now, many citizens will vote because of strong personal convictions based off of in-depth personal research and a broad base of knowledge.  Conversely, many won’t.  All of us, Republican or Democrat, should desire that people vote from an accurate understanding of the issues and not for superficial reasons. I have to admit that I’m uneasy over the already staggering numbers of voter registration fraud that have been brought to light.  Hey, if that many have been discovered, how many more will never be revealed?  I definitely know who I want to win this election, but I also want the people’s actual vote over the actual issues to be actually counted.  I want the truth.

This passage should be posted at every voting station across the nation.  It’s message is tailor-made for a country who’s decision will affect the next generation of Americans . . . who’s decision will affect my little girl.  “You simple people, use good judgment.  You foolish people, show some understanding.”  In other words, we shouldn’t let our lack of knowledge or our history of foolish decisions determine our course of action today.  How encouraging to think that though we may be “simple” or “foolish” (hey, that’s definitely me), we have the opportunity to “use good judgment” and “show some understanding”.  

It’s not just about elections or politics; it’s about the potential of each of us to get it right.  Foolishness is more than just the lack of knowledge and good judgment is more than just the presence of it.  No, true understanding is a gift from the only One with perfect understanding of every intricate detail under the sun. If God were standing in line at the voting stations answering questions . . . giving real answers that went beyond political correctness and cultural speculation . . . how different would this election process be?  

Here’s the kicker: He is standing there.  He is offering wisdom to anyone who seeks it.  Truth be told, His wisdom surpasses the temporal issues of politics or the economy (though He definitely has wisdom for those arenas as well); He is offering truth to all who will ask Him for it.  No billboards.  No sandwich signs. No political rallies.  Just truth.  As this verse states, everything He speaks is the truth.

Ah, how refreshing that could be for a nation seemingly delirious over buzz words, news stories, and conflicting information.  I’ll cast my vote for the candidate I believe to be best suited to lead our nation and whom I deem to be the nearest to my value system; I hope you’ll do the same (unless you’re a minor). However, I know who holds the truth in the palm of His hand.

That’s not all He’s holding; we’re in there too.



~ by johndriver on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Truth About Election Day”

  1. listening is something that must occur in order to hear this truth from God. it takes self discipline, but knowing that He has the answers, makes me want to take time out and hear what He has to say.

  2. Although many people base their judgement off of little info, there are others who spend extra time learning facts to make what they think is the best decision. It’s weird to see that only sometimes people take time to really learn about an issue. Really the only reason most people do that is because Election Day is well known. It is something that almost everyone participates in. I want to treat every day as if it were Election Day. Technically, every day is just as important. We make crucial decisions every day, more so that it probably effects us personally more than that one “big day” does. I’m not saying electing who the next President is will not effect me, but my daily decisions will show up more heading into my future. I want to use good judgement, and listen to God. I want to know the TRUTH, no matter what other people are “voting” for. Also, whoever the President ends up being, is our President. We can’t change it. This still might sound like bad news to some people, but there is good news! God is God at the end of the day. No matter who is the leader of the country, God is ultimately in control. He will be there for us. 🙂

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