America’s Next Top Piggy

January 26th, 2009

Focus Text: Proverbs 11: 22 (NLT)

22 A beautiful woman who lacks discretion
      is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.


Stop Here and Reflect Before Reading Ahead

Marriage is the collision of two lives; two separate sets of desires and pursuits.  She enjoys bubble baths and expensive facial lotion.  I enjoy showers and sandpaper . . . yeah, I’m very masculine.  The differences are most obvious when the television is turned on.  I am overly-fortunate to have a wife who enjoys watching sports as much as I do.  She even enjoys watching Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild eat raw sheep legs and live snakes.  Nice!

But the differences become extremely apparent the moment that the channel is changed to Bravo . . . more like Lamo!  Anyhoo, I’m down with some of it, but I my stomach turns when America’s Next Top Model dons the television set.

Some shows are brilliant in their concept; others . . . not so much.  In fact, some are just downright humorous in their shallow scenarios.  This particular show pits dozens of young women in competitive battle over the issue of image.  Now, I’m not an idiot and I completely acknowledge that there are legitimate skills required to be a professional model.  Hey, I could never strut down a runway with grace and style; I can barely walk to the kitchen without falling down.

That being said, the best strutter in the world will never be considered for a modeling job if they  don’t have a certain physical appearance.  Facial characteristics.  Height.  Weight.  Hair style.  All in all, anyone can’t just be a model.  You’ve got to come to the table with some preexisting physical qualities if you’re ever going to strut your stuff.

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with this concept . . . except that everyone seems to freak out if they don’t personally fit this bill.  Thus, people all over the nation are popping dangerous diet pills, starving themselves, and paying millions for superfluous and unnecessary cosmetic surgeries for purely vain reasons.  Now, I’m all about health, cosmetic surgery, and weight loss when they are necessary.  The problem is when health morphs into the obsession to create a impractical body image.

It’s really about beauty, but as Christians, beauty is in the eye of the Life Molder.  All of us, male and female, each face or have faced at one time or another the issues of personal appearance.  I can remember jokes that “friends” made about my appearance at formative moments in my childhood.  They don’t really affect me today, but I certainly remember them.

This desire to look desirable and appealing has led many to an unhealthy and unrealistic view of their personal image.  Thus, many are willing to push the limits of modesty in order to be noticed or liked.  Now, I am certainly not claiming to understand a perfect definition of modesty; it’s about perception and culture.  For some young ladies I know, short shorts mean a few inches above the knee.  For others, short shorts mean glorified underwear.  It’s about personal perception.

But notwithstanding these cultural observations, modesty is really about respect for oneself, one’s spouse (future or current), and one’s Creator.  It’s about the desire to be noticed for the right reasons.  It’s not about being unattractive; it’s about portraying outwardly an experience that has occurred inwardly.

That really puts this passage into perspective.  “A beautiful woman who lacks discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.”  Again, this truth could apply to men or women, but the issue obviously hits females more predominately.  Notice that the beauty of the woman is predefined before the lack of discretion is ever noticed.  In other words, her lack of modesty is completely unnecessary.  She is already beautiful.

Yeah, the “pig’s snout” phrase sounds pretty harsh, but I kind of understand what the author was writing about.  I feel this emotion each time a pretty young lady comes into my ministry who’s true beauty is eclipsed by her scantily-clad fashion choices.  I think to myself, “How unfortunate.  These guys and girls have already made decisions about her before they’ve even met her.” Is that judgmental?  It’s possible.  Mostly, it’s that she is receiving from others the exact impression she is putting forth with her image.  

All attention from the opposite gender isn’t positive.  For females especially, being the sexual target of a generation of hormone-crazed boys can quickly destroy one’s life and life plans.  Is there forgiveness?  Always.  But how much better to avoid the scenario altogether.

America’s Next Top Model may be about image and we may certainly desire to look the best that we can, but we must fight the temptation to let our obsession for physical beauty trump our spiritual worth.  In the end, lacking discretion and modesty only misrepresents our true beauty . . . trading the runway for a pig pen.



~ by johndriver on January 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “America’s Next Top Piggy”

  1. Everything you said here was BOOM! Because its so true! Why should I try to impress people with outfits and what not. Thats not my job. Its okay to look good juat not be obessive about it. The only one I want to impress with my beauty is God and that should be my spirtual beauty first! Because if you have Jesus controlling “whats in” then I will beautiful on the outside too. I dont want the world to decide if I’m “beautiful” I know I am because I have Jesus filled up inside my heart. And He wins ”
    Americas Next Top Model”

    Haha thanks PJ
    Now I’m gonna go wear some sweats and off to school I go! Haha maybe..jk jk


  2. ALSO!

    There’s a beauty product you cant buy, but you can wear and it will show true beauty on the outside, and thats haveing Jesus control my inward and outward self. Then his beauty will shine through! 😀

  3. I would just like to set the record straight….I DO NOT watch America’s Next Top Model …….Top Chef and Project Runway……but definitely not ANTM. Just wanted to keep you honest, honey! 🙂

  4. this is very true for EVERY girl. its something a lot of us face most of our life, but youre right. and the bible is right.. we cant let it overtake our spiritual worth. God created us the way we are and to protect the temple He made. that means realizing true beauty comes from the inside!

  5. Oink Oink!
    lol I just wanted to comment to say I loved the, “Mostly, it’s that she is receiving from others the exact impression she is putting forth with her image.” And! from a guy’s perspective (other than your own of course) I totally agree!

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